Succeeding with an E-Commerce site is becoming an increasingly challenging task. We aim to lead you through the pitfalls and make sure you hit the ground running.

We work with you to identify the factors that you'll need to succeed and become profitable. and ensure that they are built into your design.

These can include:-

  • Easy navigation and search systems for the products
  • Sufficient and clear product information on all pages
  • Up to date pricing information and promotions
  • Images that can be enlarged for a detailed view
  • A secure and smooth checkout process that is simple for the client
  • Clear and concise delivery / returns policies
  • A targeted marketing strategy to attract the right buyers

We consider all these factors when designing an E-Commerce site with the end result being a website that will inspire customers to purchase from you. If they have a good experience using the site, then recommendations and referrals can quickly lead to site growth.

Security and Reliability..

The reputation of your business depends on the reliability of your site. This is why we ensure that every last detail works perfectly. Also in the unlikely event of there being any technical problem with your site, we receive instant notification allowing us to immediately begin resolving the issue

The security of any site designed by us is of great importance, especially when E-Commerce transactions are involved and regardless of which payment gateway you are using to take payments, we always ensure that you have all of the latest security patches available on your site as soon as they are released.

We can also install and configure security certificates where data encryption is required. This helps clients feel more relaxed about buying from your site.

Site marketing

You may have the best products in the world but without efficient promotion people won't find them. We can help with your site promotion across a variety of mediums such as social networking sites, Google Adwords and general media exposure in order to drive traffic to your site.

This is of course in conjunction with the work we do to achieve quality natural search engine results for you as well. We also offer an enhanced search engine promotion service.

Recent E-Commerce Projects

We have a strong track record of successful E-Commerce projects. A selection of our recent work is shown below.

To view more examples, please visit our full E-Commerce Portfolio