Content Management Systems

We believe clients should have the option of editing and maintaining their own sites without needing to pay a designer for every little change.

This is why nearly all our sites are created using either the Joomla Content Management Systems (We also use Wordpress when required).

This is a comprehensive systems developed over a number of years that allow people with little or no technical skills to add/manage/remove content whenever suits them. No more waiting till someone else has the time to update your site or having to explain how you want some new content to be worded.

Easy to expand

Whilst Joomla is great for managing content, that's only the start of what it can be used for. A whole range of extra functionality can be plugged into it at any time such as E-Commerce, Event Management, Property Rental Systems and hundreds more. All of which work in the same way as managing your content through the Joomla administration panel so you don't have to keep relearning different instructions.

They all share the same information which means the information from a registered user on your site can be used by each one for example. They also inherit the main look and theme of the site allowing your site to have a central style which avoids confusion for the user.

We can also create fully bespoke add-ons for your site based on your exact specifications.

Secure Access

You can set up as many administrators as you like, each with their own login. Individual access rights can be configured to different parts of the content allowing you complete control over who changes what. Joomla also supports optional two factor authentication which means you need both a password and a mobile phone pass code for additional security.

Joomla Administration Interface.

If you would like us to arrange an online demo of the Joomla interface for you, then please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.